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Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari announces resignation

23 Jan 2023 2:02 PM GMT
Koshiyari said that he has communicated his decision to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Local council in Russia faces dissolution for demanding Putin's resignation

15 Sep 2022 6:40 AM GMT
The Court fined council member Dmitry Palyuga for 47,000 roubles ($780) for discrediting the authorities

Speaker confirms resignation of Rajapaksa, new President in seven days

15 July 2022 9:35 AM GMT
The embattled leader fled the country two days ago in the face of massive protests against his government for mishandling the economy

Sri Lanka's president Gotabaya flees to Maldives, ahead of resignation today

13 July 2022 3:16 AM GMT
The Rajapaksa clan has been facing a public revolt for mishandling the economy

Sri Lanka in political deadlock post Mahinda Rajapaksa's resignation

10 May 2022 5:14 AM GMT
Sources say Gotabaya is neither in a mood to resign nor give up his executive powers

Air India board members requested to resign ahead of takeover by Tata Sons

23 Nov 2021 6:34 AM GMT
In October, the government chose Tata Sons as the winning bidder for the debt-ridden state-run Air India.
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