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Lockdown to be imposed in Delhi to tackle air pollution: Supreme Court

13 Nov 2021 10:59 AM GMT
The supreme court adjourned the case till November 15 (Monday), requesting the Delhi government's response on pollution-control measures.

Bharuch: Vagra MLA writes letter to Government to prevent loss of crops due to industrial pollution

6 Aug 2021 6:33 AM GMT
Vagra MLA Arun Singh Rana is against the loss of crops of farmers of Bharuch district due to polluted air and water released by industrial units

Earth Day 2021: This Earth Day, Pledge to save the Planet by doing little things

22 April 2021 5:27 AM GMT
Earth is a beautiful and the only planet where the human race can survive. But it is threatened by rapid industrialization, pollution and the...

Coast Guard conducts pollution response workshop and mockdrill at Porbandar

10 Feb 2021 4:10 PM GMT
In accordance with the National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan (NOSDCP), the Coast Guard District HQs Number 1, Porbandar conducted the district...
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