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Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 170 trains on October 25

25 Oct 2022 6:08 AM GMT
This comes a day after 189 trains were fully cancelled on October 24

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 130 trains on October 9

9 Oct 2022 6:22 AM GMT
Furthermore, chances are multiple trains can be cancelled on October 10 as well

IRCTC update: Indian Railways cancels over 300 trains on September 25

25 Sep 2022 6:20 AM GMT
It is to be noted that source station of 56 trains has been train changed as well

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 230 trains on September 14

14 Sep 2022 9:04 AM GMT
This comes a day after 214 trains were cancelled by Indian Railways on September 13

Indian Railways: IRCTC cancels over 200 trains on September

10 Sep 2022 7:13 AM GMT
The site has complete details of the train's schedules, and arriving and departing times

IRCTC Update: Indian Railways cancels 173 trains on September 7

7 Sep 2022 11:00 AM GMT
Additionally, it has decided to divert 35 trains and change the originating stations for 35 trains on Wednesday

Indian Railways update: IRCTC cancels Ramayana Yatra Train due to less passengers

23 Aug 2022 6:56 AM GMT
The tour was scheduled to begin from August 24 and has been cancelled just a day prior to the departure

IRCTC not selling user data, reports 'totally fictitious': Official

20 Aug 2022 6:28 AM GMT
Several reports suggested the objective behind the same was to generate revenue up to ₹1,000 crore

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels 212 trains on July 13

13 July 2022 4:13 AM GMT
Apart from cancelling trains, the Railways has further decided to change sourced stations in 27 trains and short terminate 25 on July 13

IRCTC: Bharat Gaurav tourist train covering Ramayana Circuit is offering EMIs on ticket

26 May 2022 7:21 AM GMT
According to an official release, the journey would take 18 days on an 8,000 km long circuit which will kick-start from Delhi

After Upwas meals, IRCTC serves Iftar on Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi Express

27 April 2022 6:51 AM GMT
IRCTC officials said the meal was arranged by the on-board catering manager personally

Indian Railways bedding service to resume in April

7 April 2022 9:58 AM GMT
IRCTC has decided to restart the service of providing bedrolls and blanket services from April