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US strikes 85 targets in Iraq, Syria in response to fatal drone attack

3 Feb 2024 8:23 AM GMT
Biden said the US military response will continue at times and places of our choosing

US State Department revises travel advisory for Iraq to Level 4

23 Oct 2023 7:09 AM GMT
Furthermore, owing to security concerns, US government personnel in Baghdad are asked not to use Baghdad International Airport

A fire at a wedding hall in Iraq has killed over 100, injured 150

27 Sep 2023 8:07 AM GMT
The fire happened in the Hamdaniya area of Iraq's Nineveh province, authorities said

King’s Cup 2023: Iraq defeat India to enter final

7 Sep 2023 1:29 PM GMT
In the other semi-final, hosts Thailand will take on Lebanon

Saudi crown prince begins tri-nation tour

21 Jun 2022 7:49 AM GMT
The summit will also include Iraq's prime minister and other Gulf leaders

Drone attack at Iraq's Erbil airport

12 Sep 2021 7:34 AM GMT
Armed drones attacked Erbil international airport, which lies near the US consulate in this northern Iraq city

Rockets strike near US base in Iraq, killing 1, wounding 5

16 Feb 2021 3:10 AM GMT
Rockets struck outside Irbil international airport near where US forces are based in northern Iraq late Monday, killing one US-led coalition...

2 rockets crashed into Iraqi capital Baghdad’s Green Zone

9 Jan 2020 2:45 AM GMT
There have been no injuries in the rocket fire 2 rockets crashed into Iraqi capital Baghdad’s Green Zone, the high-security enclave where foreign...

Iran launches missile strikes against the US in Iraq

8 Jan 2020 2:57 AM GMT
After the killing of General Qassem Soleimani last week, Iran attacked two American bases in Iraq with a barrage of missiles early Wednesday. “The...

US Security sources Missiles hit Green Zone and Iraq base housing US troops

5 Jan 2020 5:35 AM GMT
Two rockets on Saturday hit Iraq’s Al-Balad air base, where US troops are stationed, while two mortars hit Baghdad’s Green Zone, a...

New US Airstrike on Pro-Iran Convoy in Iraq ahead of Soleimani’s Funeral, several killed

4 Jan 2020 3:20 AM GMT
A fresh airstrike hit pro-Iran fighters in Iraq early Saturday, as fears grew of a proxy war erupting between Washington and Tehran a day after an...