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After women claimed sexual harassment in the virtual world, Meta added a personal boundary

5 Feb 2022 11:48 AM GMT
Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues virtual reality (VR) systems now have a 'Personal Boundary' function, according to Metaverse

Facebook Messenger now has end-to-end encryption, on group calls and conversations

1 Feb 2022 1:04 PM GMT
If someone takes a snapshot of an encrypted communication, you'll be notified

Without Covid-19 booster, Facebook will not let employees return back to office

11 Jan 2022 9:01 AM GMT
Facebook had previously stated that the workplace would reopen on January 31. Due to an increase in Omicron cases, the date has been pushed back to...

These functionalities will be available on WhatsApp in 2022

8 Jan 2022 1:10 PM GMT
The new WhatsApp features may help users improve their texting experience

Government blocked social media accounts spreading fake news and harmful content

8 Jan 2022 9:45 AM GMT
73 Twitter identities, four YouTube videos, and one Instagram game that were reportedly spreading false or hostile content have been suspended or...

Meta, parent company of Facebook, opened a Privacy Center to educate users on data security

8 Jan 2022 8:56 AM GMT
To educate billions of users, Meta has developed a Privacy Centre across its family of programmes

Facebook has paid a fine to Russia over content that was banned

19 Dec 2021 12:07 PM GMT
Facebook has paid a penalty of 17 million roubles in Russia for failing to remove content that Moscow considers to be illegal

Facebook and Google make more than top 10 media firms put together

5 Dec 2021 6:37 AM GMT
Together, Facebook India and Google India corner up to 80 per cent of the domestic digital advertisement revenues.

Misinformation Warning Labels on Twitter Redesigned

17 Nov 2021 6:14 AM GMT
Twitter's redesign aims to make the service more helpful and noticeable, among other things.

Meta sued by a photo app for duplicating its major feature for Instagram.

6 Nov 2021 11:05 AM GMT
Phhhoto has filed a lawsuit against Meta (previously Facebook) for allegedly cloning its Instagram features.

Facebook changes name to Meta

29 Oct 2021 8:18 AM GMT
But critics say rebrand doesn’t alter reality

Why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered 6-hour long global outage? Know what experts says

5 Oct 2021 10:16 AM GMT
The digital world came to a standstill after the services of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suffered a global outage late Monday night.