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Episiotomy done by Pharmacist: Delhi Hospital told to pay compensation for medical negligence

14 Nov 2023 10:24 AM GMT
Based on a report from the Delhi Medical Council (DMC), the District Commission had found that the hospital was at fault for medical negligence

Ryanair passenger to get over Rs 24 Lakh compensation after breaking leg on staircase

12 Sep 2023 6:01 AM GMT
The ruling comes from a Spanish court that made the decision in favour of the passenger who sustained an injury

Airlines to pay compensation for wrongly denying passengers boarding: DGCA

7 May 2022 5:29 AM GMT
Airlines are engaging in the "unfair practice" of denying boarding to passengers who arrive at the airport on time

3293 crore compensation paid for land acquisition in five mega projects of transportation passing through Vadodara district

20 Nov 2021 4:12 AM GMT
Compensation to owners of land acquired for Bullet Train, Expressway, Freight Corridor, price of crops grown on the land was also given to farmers on...