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3293 crore compensation paid for land acquisition in five mega projects of transportation passing through Vadodara district

Compensation to owners of land acquired for Bullet Train, Expressway, Freight Corridor, price of crops grown on the land was also given to farmers on recommendation of the Department of Agriculture

3293 crore compensation paid for land acquisition in five mega projects of transportation passing through Vadodara district

Vadodara district administration is moving ahead with acquisition of land for various ambitious projects and is now nearing completion. The compensation for the land acquired so far by the district administration is about Rs. 3293 crore and has been paid to the account holders.

Vadodara district gets benefit from five important projects related to transportation, National High Speed ​​Rail i.e. Bullet Train, Delhi to Vadodara Express Highway and Vadodara to Mumbai to Vadodara Express Highway and dedicated Railway Freight Corridor. The land acquisition required for this project is being done by the district administration.

For the National High Speed ​​Rail Corridor, a total of 105 hectares of land of 35 villages has to be acquired. Out of this 102 hectares of land has been acquired and its possession has been handed over to Railways. The landowners were paid Rs. 815.03 by the administration.

Similarly from Delhi to Vadodara Express Way no. 148 (N), 232 hectare square meter land has been acquired from 16 villages of the district and for that 281.20 crore has been paid as compensation.

For the expressway from Vadodara to Mumbai, 598 hectare square meters of land in 29 villages have been acquired and 1568.08 crore paid as land compensation.

The dedicated freight corridor of the railway is also to pass through Vadodara district and for this the land acquisition work required by the Railways is underway. For this, all the necessary 357 hectare square meter of land in 30 villages has been acquired and Rs. 334.26 crore has been paid. For the same project, more than one hectare of land has to be acquired for the railway over bridge being constructed at Maneja in Vadodara city. For this 85% land has been acquired and for that Rs. 14.33 crore has been paid.

In order to avoid any loss to its owners in land acquisition, compensation has been paid by fixing the market price based on the sale of land in the area in the last three years in addition to the jantri of the area. The interesting thing is that the crops grown on the land of some farmers have also been counted in the compensation. It has been paid on the basis of crop calculation decided on the recommendation of Agriculture Department and Horticulture Department.

Some land ownership disputes were ongoing, with future payments subject to court ruling. In this process, the land has been acquired by the district administration by bringing a positive disposal of inheritance and legal issues.

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