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WhatsApp chat backup on Android will soon cost you money

15 Nov 2023 11:49 AM GMT
Google currently provides 15 GB of free cloud storage with each account

Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp, A complete step-by-step guide to use multiple accounts on same smartphone

22 Oct 2023 8:34 AM GMT
WhatsApp has announced the rollout of this feature to all users. However, it is important to note that the latest feature may not be visible to...

WhatsApp to soon get ‘protect IP address’ feature for calls

15 Oct 2023 2:09 PM GMT
The toggle description notes that call quality may take a slight dip, but does not offer any other details

On Android: WhatsApp introduces group calls for up to 31 participants

18 Sep 2023 11:11 AM GMT
WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for Android users that allows group calls with up to 31 participants.

WhatsApp denies report platform is exploring ads

16 Sep 2023 11:28 AM GMT
The app is seen by some analysts as an untapped growth opportunity

You will soon be able to edit picture captions on WhatsApp

21 Aug 2023 1:09 PM GMT
The new feature has already been rolled out to some users and the remaining users might get access to it in the coming days

WhatsApp introduces screen sharing and landscape mode for video calls

9 Aug 2023 12:50 PM GMT
To access the feature, users can click the ‘Share’ icon and choose whether to share a particular application or their entire screen

WhatsApp introduces 'Voice Chats' for Android beta users

7 Aug 2023 1:06 PM GMT
To initiate a voice chat, users simply need to select the waveform icon, and a dedicated interface for the conversation will appear

Meta owned WhatsApp introduces high-quality video-sending feature on Android Beta

1 July 2023 5:43 AM GMT
Over the next few weeks, the feature is expected to become available to more users

WhatsApp begins beta testing screen sharing feature for video calls

28 May 2023 11:11 AM GMT
Users who are on a video call will be able to tap a button to show the contents of their screen to other participants on the call

WhatsApp to soon let users report inappropriate messages on group chat, silence calls from unknown numbers

7 May 2023 8:38 AM GMT
The new option will be available within the group settings page, meaning only group admins will be able to enable this feature

WhatsApp and other messaging apps oppose UK’s move on encryption

19 April 2023 8:19 AM GMT
The British government said the bill in no way represented a ban on end-to-end encryption, nor would it require services to weaken encryption