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Vladimir Putin is 'seriously ill', suffering from blood cancer, says Russian oligarch in leaked audio-tape

16 May 2022 6:10 AM GMT
Christopher Steele, a former British spy, has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill

Vladimir Putin set for cancer surgery, to hand over temporary power to ex-KGB chief amid war with Ukraine: Report

2 May 2022 10:15 AM GMT
Patrushev, the 70-year-old incumbent Secretary of Russia`s Security Council, is seen as a key architect of the war strategy so far

Russia-Ukraine crisis: 4 Additional flights from Kyiv to evacuate students and stranded Indians

22 Feb 2022 9:22 AM GMT
United Nations Security Council on Tuesday held an emergency meeting on Ukraine at the request of Kyiv

If Russia 'further' invades Ukraine, Joe Biden threatens Vladimir Putin of 'decisive' action

13 Feb 2022 6:11 AM GMT
While the US is committed to diplomacy, Biden warned Putin that the country is also "prepared for other scenarios"

G7 Nations warn Russia of massive consequences if Ukraine is invaded

13 Dec 2021 8:07 AM GMT
The Group of Seven (G7) warned Russia on Sunday of massive consequences and severe costs if President Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine.

PM Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold India-Russia Annual Summit in New Delhi today

6 Dec 2021 6:25 AM GMT
Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in New Delhi today on an official visit to India for the 21st India-Russia Annual Summit with Prime...

On December 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to visit India for the annual summit.

11 Nov 2021 11:11 AM GMT
The last time President Putin visited India was for the annual summit in 2018.

Mass rallies sweep Russia in protests over Navalny’s arrest

24 Jan 2021 7:29 AM GMT
From the frozen streets of Russia’s Far East and Siberia to the grand plazas of Moscow and St. Petersburg, tens of thousands of Russians rallied in...

Russia announces world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, Putin’s daughter gets vaccinated

11 Aug 2020 9:39 AM GMT
Amid the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a coronavirus vaccine, touted as the world’s first such...

Vladimir Putin gets 77.9% votes to continue as President until 2036

2 July 2020 6:36 AM GMT
Russians opened the door to Vladimir Putin staying in power until 2036 by voting overwhelmingly for constitutional changes that will allow him to run...
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