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Bankrupt Sri Lanka asks citizens abroad to send home cash

13 April 2022 9:31 AM GMT
Sri Lanka urged its citizens overseas to send home money to help pay for desperately needed food and fuel Wednesday

US military aid for Ukraine to include 'secretly acquired' Soviet air defence systems

22 March 2022 9:23 AM GMT
The United States military aid package announced by President Joe Biden earlier this month will include “secretly acquired” Soviet air defence

Are egg rolls healthy? Here's what a dietitian says

9 March 2022 11:50 AM GMT
Egg rolls are an appetizer commonly available at Chinese buffets and takeout restaurants in the United States

Western nations start sending weapons to Ukraine

27 Feb 2022 5:52 AM GMT
The United States had earlier announced $350 million in aid to Ukraine, totalling $1 billion in security assistance since President Joe Biden took...

Canada and United States collaborate to break the Covid blockage

11 Feb 2022 11:55 AM GMT
Washington has urged its northern neighbour to employ federal powers to halt the blockades causing commercial disruptions by shutting down a crucial...

United States approved a $100 million sale to Taiwan to improve its Patriot missile defence system

8 Feb 2022 9:50 AM GMT
Taiwan has been pushed by US authorities to modernize its military so that it may become a "porcupine" that is difficult to assault by China

As the Olympics begin, Trudeau criticises China's human rights record

5 Feb 2022 12:17 PM GMT
As part of explicit or implied diplomatic boycotts of the Games, the United States and several other like-minded democracies are not sending political...

Senators in US are urging President Joe Biden to assure a global supply of Covid-19 vaccines

4 Feb 2022 8:56 AM GMT
A group of prominent American senators has written to President Joe Biden, urging him to assure the global supply and distribution of COVID-19...

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Manager of the Indian contingent tests positive for COVID-19

2 Feb 2022 11:56 AM GMT
Harjinder Singh is the team's chef de mission, Ludar Chand Thakur is the alpine coach, Puran Chand is the technician

In 2022, North Korea undertakes its seventh alleged missile test

30 Jan 2022 9:16 AM GMT
North Korea launched the missile three days after firing two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea

Tesla officially entered Turkish market, the launch in India is still a long way off

26 Jan 2022 8:38 AM GMT
The United States and China remain Tesla's largest global markets, but the company is increasingly focusing on countries with vast populations

US warns: Russia may invade Ukraine at any moment

19 Jan 2022 11:47 AM GMT
Washington, kept the lines of communication open with Moscow, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling with his Russian counterpart, Sergey...
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