National Safety Day 2021

Will cover 6000km in 90 days on skates spreading the message

Skater and entrepreneur Rana Uppalapati is on a mission to spread awareness about educate the girl child and also raising funds for the cause. He chose the tough journey to skate 6,000 km in 90 days to collect enough funds and send 25,000 girls to school.

Starting from Bengaluru on 5th September Rana Uppalapati skate all through various cities like Tumkur, Hubli, Belgam, Satara and completed 1000 km at Mumbai. From there he halt at Bharuch in Sarod village and reach Vadodara on Thursday spreading his message of girl education and child abuse.

“I will skate for 6,000 km passing through the Golden Quadrilateral to raise awareness about educating the  girl child and raising funds for the cause. The objective to raise funds is for the purpose of educating 25,000 girl children under the Titan Kanya campaign. Secondly I am also spreading the awareness about the child abuse specially Good Touch and Bad Touch. I decide to utilize my skating, writing and speaking skills for a cause and starts the campaign,” said Uppalapati.

Uppalapati in his 6000km of journey will be passing through different cities and halt at places to spread the awareness. “I conduct seminars in schools and Nanhi Kali centres about the cause to the children and their parents. Education is very important specially in girls as the literacy rate of women in our country is poor. Similarly child abuse is on the rise so the aim is also to teach the children about ‘Good and Bad Touch’ to save them from sexual offenders,” said Uppalapati

Titled as Educate to Carry Her Onwards (ECHO), the expedition is expected to return to Bengaluru after completing the 90 days. Rana also carries a team using GPS camera, GPS watch, Bubbler application and witness to have complete transparency about the cause. He skate from morning 7 to 2pm and interact with the audience in the evening. He skate for 75kms daily on an average base on the road condition and went maximum of 29kms per hour speed.


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