Shocking visuals of car immersed in flood water caught on camera


Passengers had close shave

It’s a breathtaking scene captured on camera where a family had a close shave from death. Their car standing on the road suddenly slipped into roadside ditch filled with water and shouted for help. The locals rushed to the spot and saved them before the car went inside the water.

The incident happened near Bil village at Vadodara where a car suddenly slipped inside the roadside ditch filled with water. The more shocking was the car slowly began to drown inside the water and the persons inside shouted for help. The locals quickly rushed to the car and saved the persons before the car completely immersed inside the water.

The incident is really shocking for the persons sitting inside the car as it’s a matter of time which decide the fate. They are lucky to have the locals rushed to save them from becoming watery grave inside their car.


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