Revellers learnt the steps to look unique from the crowd

Garba in Vadodara is something people are waiting for the whole year and revellers are eagerly waiting for the nine nights festival to start. The city is known for its traditional garba and people from all across the country and abroad visit here to enjoy the Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri lasting nine nights.

The Garba songs typically revolve around the subjects of the nine goddesses and the styles vary from place to place in Gujarat. In Vadodara the Navratri is famous for its traditional Garba and every year revellers reach here to enjoy the sweet melodies combined with traditional dance.

However with changing times the dancers modernise their Garba steps to present themselves in a unique way among the crowd of thousands. The dance classes are merging Western dance forms in the traditional Garba and try to make it unique to popularise the dance.

One such form is Salsa Garba a style slowly get popular in Vadodara. The trainer includes some basic steps in the traditional form and make the revellers practice it before the festival begins on 29th September Sunday.

“The form is slowly getting popular in other cities of state and we are trying to popularise it in our cultural city of Vadodara. We include some basic steps of Salsa with traditional Garba and invent the new form without disturbing the essence. The dancers learnt the steps and merge in their dance to look different in the crowd and ultimately popularise the new Garba dance form,” said Jay Patel trainer and dance class owner.

The couples learnt the Salasa steps with great enthusiasm and are eagerly waiting for the festival of Navratri to start. “Navratri is one such festival we girls are waiting for the whole year. From designer Chaniya Cholis to jewellery we are excited to show them in the crowd and try to look different among others. This year the Salsa Garba is going to rock the festival and gives a new style to the revellers to follow, ” said Keya Shah one of the student in the class.


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