The story describes the born of compassion inside the heart and act upon it

SahityaMitra Neha Sanghani narrated a self-authored story ‘Seeds of Compassion’ to women members of Urban Primary Health Centre of VMC. This story describes how compassion is born in one’s heart and how one can act upon it.

The session started with an affirmation, “I may get all the positive thoughts and vibes from all the sides of the Universe” followed by participants discussed about their acts on their affirmations which were discussed in the previous session.

The story ‘Seeds of Compassion’ began by the question, ‘what are the possible seeds from which we feel compassion?’ Participants’ respond and said the feeling of compassion comes from their childhood when they observe their parents. It can be further explained that when one sees hungry living beings, one feeds them. When one sees someone in pain, one extends help. One feels that pain because one is compassionate.

The narration began with the description of a simple girl called ‘Munni’ and her family of five, where all carried a warm heart that was able to empathize. SahityaMitra explained Munni’s experience of helping animals and people in need. She shared an example of a cat that was injured in an accident and how Munni carried her to a doctor. She also narrated the incident where a horse was being whipped by the rider and at the end how he had a change of heart and thereon decided to serve injured animals.

At the end of the session the feelings of compassion were discussed. Participants discussed that how the feelings of compassion can change the whole society. Children who would observe their parents helping others would eventually walk on the same path of compassion. Compassion can also strengthen our relations with other humans and animals too.

Participants also discussed that sometimes they do feel the pain but the limitations do not permit them to extend any help. Participants shared their personal life experiences when they see their patients in pain and how they deal with it. They understood that compassion towards fellow beings is a noble gesture but at the same time one must feel compassionate and honest towards their inner feelings as-well and that shall strengthen one’s ability to enjoy life. Participants also showed interest in sharing this story with three other people to initialize change in the society.


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