Focused on freedom and confidence in life

SahityaMitra Himangani Lakhera narrated the story ‘Butterflies are Free’ by Jan Fenimore to the women residents of Sevatirth Vadodara as part of the story telling session by SaMvitti. The session focused on the feeling of freedom which we all deserve.

At the beginning of the session participants curiously shared the story which they had heard in the previous session. They expressed their views of the same and showed keen interest in listening to the stories shared by Lakhera.

The story ‘Butterflies are Free’ started with the narration and visualisation of all the colours they have seen on butterflies. Throughout the story there was a gleam in the participants’ eyes as they were imagining the whole story. All the participants felt very joyful to see butterflies around them during the session as it was being conducted in an open area.

At the end of the session, participants got inspired to draw their own butterflies. Some of them also drew a flower as they have seen butterflies sitting on flowers. On asking what they will do with their butterflies, they answered that they would take them along with them when they would go to the temple. The atmosphere felt very colourful and free from everything while interacting with the participants.