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Sabudana Khichdi Receipe for Navratri Vrat

Sabudana Khichdi Receipe for Navratri Vrat

Sabudana Khichdi is a delicious main course recipe, which you can prepare for your loved ones without putting in much efforts. Sabudana Khichdi makes for a perfect Vrat recipe, which can be savoured on festivals like Navratri and Shivratri.

This is an easy-to-make North Indian recipe that is prepared using easily available ingredients such as coriander leaves, cumin seeds, sago, potato, grated coconut, roasted peanuts, lemon juice, green chilies.

The best thing about this easy vrat recipe is that it can be prepared at home very easily, and making it at home gives you the liberty to tweak the recipe as per your taste preference.

However, the basic recipe remains the same. Traditionally, Sabudana Khichdi is a healthy main dish, which is easy to digest and makes for a wholesome delight. Especially, when you want to lose some weight by changing your diet, this khichdi recipe is high on nutrition and low in calories. So, next time whenever you want to prepare something delectable and healthy, try this khichdi recipe. To make this dish even more delectable you can add some dried kastoori methi, This will accentuate the aroma as well as the taste of this quick khichdi recipe.

Sabudana can be prepared in various ways, but this recipe is certainly the easiest one and is good for fat loss as well. The amount of ghee or oil required to make this dish can be reduced as per your preference. Also, to add some freshness you can serve it with some fresh coriander mint chutney. It tastes best when served with fried potatoes, curd and green chutney. So, try this easy recipe and enjoy with your loved ones! Moreover, if you are observing the Navratri fasts then you can go for these easy vrat recipes that will make you feel satiated for a long duration.

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