Residents of local society in Vadodara smash window panes of sump building

National Safety Day 2021

Residents of Vaikunth 2 on New VIP road on Wednesday broke window panes and CCTV at the new Sump building following the polluted drinking water they are receiving for the past many days. The residents irked with the no care reply of the officials and protest in such a way. Police also reached the spot and calm the situation.

The residents of the Vaikunt 2 are getting polluted water supply for the last many days and approach the officials many times. The water is supplied from the sump and the residents allege that the officials don’t listen to their plea after they approached them many times about the situation.

On Wednesday the residents including females reached the sump and once again approached the officials about the polluted water. However as per them the officials didn’t take their plea seriously which irked them and they went on to smashing window panes and cctv inside the building. They also shouted slogans against the VMC and Mayor and protest.

The women of the area said that their repeated pleas about receiving polluted water are not taken seriously by the officials and hence they are here to close the sump. They also threaten for aggressive protest in future if the situation not improved.

As the news spread the police also reached the spot and calm the situation.




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