Distribute specially made sparrow houses and bowls to the guests

Marriage is such a auspicious and important occasion in everyone’s life and all dream to celebrate it like the best in the world. However a research scholar from MSU Baroda has some other ideas as he will start his married life in a unique way by distributing sparrow houses to his guests.

Ali Asgar Vohra a resident of Panigate area in the city and a research scholar from MSU married to girl from Alirajpur as per tradition. But he add a noble initiative in the whole celebration where he and his wife Rukaiya will distribute sparrow houses to the guests and make sure the little birdie will also get new home along with him.

Ali has a passion towards saving the sparrows from get extinct and working towards to save them in every possible way for the future generations. Since childhood he plays with them and now when he step into a new life then also he wants to make sure to give new homes to his feather friends.

The couple decide to distribute specially made sparrow houses and bowls as gift to them. The aim is to save the beautiful bird from getting extinct in the ever growing concrete jungles in the city.

“I am a research scholar in department of Zoology and for the eight years working on the nesting, food and roosting sites in the city. After three years of survey and later with the help of scientific observation I am able to find the roosting of sparrows around Mulberry trees. I prepare four types of nest boxes in earthen, wooden, plastic and card board and found the nesting is more in earthen. In my research I also find that the old city area is the favorite nesting ground of the sparrows and we need more natural space for them to spread their colonies,” said Ali.

Taking forward his love for the sparrows Ali decide to distribute specially made sparrow houses and water bowls to the guests coming from Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat as a return gift to them. The idea is even surprise for the bride family.

“I am shocked and then touched by the beautiful initiative taken by my husband. I am happy to know that the sparrows also get the new home along with me and somehow we help them to live in this world,” said Rukaiya.

Ali also displays a poster exhibition at the reception venue about the initiative and also invite a potter to live display the earthen art which is slowly vanishing from the society. Ali feels that this way he spread the message the benefit about using earthen pots and also request the people to buy clay lamps to save the art.


  1. A very unique way to to celebrate wedding by gifting earthnesting n water bowl,to give back what mother earth has given us


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