The NDRF team rescued a snake bite victim after they received the requisition from DM, Bhavnagar at about  2240 hrs on Saturday. One team of this unit left within 10 minutes by road for rescue of the victim with his wife and son from Village Mithapar in Bhavnagar about 50 km. away from the team location.

It was quite difficult to reach the victim due to darkness and fast current water as after alighting from vehicle the team had to negotiate 5 km more by boat in dark inside 4 to 5 feet deep fast current water.

However the team eventually  able to execute the operation and rescued the victim and his family at 0130 hrs early morning Sunday.

The NDRF Teams are well versed to treat the snakebite victim and he was handed over to Advance District Medical Team for Anti-Venom and further treatment.



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