Serves organic food in earthen crockery besides swimming pool and fish spa to rejuvenate

Imagine you are having food besides a beautiful swimming pool sitting on the glass floor with live fish beneath. Even more the fish spa, foot massage welcomes and rejuvenate you before the food is something once a visit for everyone.

The same concept is now a reality for the foodies in Vadodara as Rasoi comes up with a new benchmark of hospitality for them to forget all the chaos of the city. Rasoi serves full range of most available organic food hygienically prepared in earthenware that enhances the flavor of the cooked food and to sustain that taste food is served in earthen crockery along with alkaline water.

Built two floor underground the restaurant welcomes the visitors with a fish spa follows by foot massage and a vibrator to relax. Later they can have the luxury of enjoy sometime inside the in house swimming pool before rush to the table for the food. The whole idea is to rejuvenate people from their routine life and enjoy the food with a relaxed body and mind.

“The recipe filled with nostalgia gives an experience of simplicity and healthy living that our ancestors lived with. For the young souls, Rasoi offers first of its own kind in-house swimming pool experience along with finger licking multi-cuisine delicacies. Even more they rejuvenate the body and soul by experiencing the Fish Spa and foot massage services at Restaurant,” said I.B. Patel owner of Rasoi by Rosette.

Rasoi serves organic food hygienically prepared in earthenware to enhances the flavor of the cooked food and is served in earthen crockery along with alkaline water.

“We import vegetables, spices and maximum food items from the places yet to come in contact with the pollution. The spices are coming from Karnataka, rice from Kolhapur, vegetables from Karjan, Shinor and earthen pots from Wankaner to keep the quality and flavour of the food. Our aim is to serve healthier food to the people gives them a relaxing atmosphere from a hectic daily life,” said Yesha Patel owner of Rasoi.


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