National Safety Day 2021

Put focus on various issues of safety, cleanliness and others

Vadodara division conduct safety seminar and staff grievince camp at Kaichiya YARD under chairmanship of DRM Devendra kumar and other officials. Total 102 persons including Officers, Supervisors and Staff members participated in the seminar.

The seminar put focus on various points like,

  1. Emphasis on personal safety and equipment safety was given during the maintenance in yard and all precaution taken during shunting operation  and securing of load,
  2. Underframe safety and care taken during working in tank wagon roof, fire, accidents were also discussed.
  3. Several staffs, supervisors and officers also shared their views on safety related issues. They told that Karchiya YARD is very important tank wagon depot in Indian Railway where all safety precautions are being taken during working

Some of the staffs also raised safety issues during working and their personal grievances. The DRM also ensured that all the issues will be taken up with relevant departments for solution. DRM specially focus on Safety, Personal Safety, Cleanliness and Sexual harassement .Garbage disposal issue was also discussed during seminar.

Cash awards was also given to 11 staffs of karchiya Yard on the spot for their safety consciousness during the seminar.



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