Designed to provide effective assistance and guidance to visiting parents, guests, students along with the faculties on a day to day basis

In today’s fast paced world it is important to walk along with the changing technologies and make ourselves future ready. With such aim in mind city based Parul University is implementing lot many things to give the students an edge to experience the future and march towards digital India.

The campus is now equipped with one of India’s most advanced Humanoid systems to give students the scope of education beyond pen and paper towards a more digital system. Keeping pace with the ever growing scope of digitalisation, the University has taken the initiative of introducing Mitra, a unique custom made robot designed to provide effective assistance and guidance to visiting parents, guests, students along with the faculties on a day to day basis. Mitra was recently availed on the campus and has been on a daily 8 hour patrol of the PU campus.

With the need to provide an efficient and reliable service to the visitors and students in campus, Mitra performs various roles  like giving directions on specific locations such as the hospitals, administrative offices, canteens and Institute buildings. It also serves the purpose of providing a student registration platform where the new students can registered themselves into the networked system at any given time. Such a service has proven to be of great benefit for the visitors as it has drastically reduced long lines of people queuing up for various services. Mitra also provides a paperless way of registration, making him an eco-friendly humanoid system.

Mitra offers a unique design, which allows him to have two of the most essential human qualities, learning and adapting. This allows him to continue learning and familiarising with the surroundings to offer the best form of personalised assistance to diverse people. Part of his coding also includes intrinsic human elements of humour, empathy and intelligence, so as to provide a more interpersonal service. As part of these human features, he also has reception abilities, of greeting and handshaking the people he comes across. Mitra also has the ability to take photo records of all the people who avail his services and has the memory capacity of keeping such photos for later referencing.

Adding this Humanoid system to the campus will also help the students of BTech robotics a more practical platform to see the human and robot interrelation. Such a real life exposure will go a long way in inspiring the students in designing, programing a humanoid system of such great magnitude.

“The 21st century is characterised with an ever growing scope of technology and innovation, I believe that Mitra is one of the main steps towards establishing “Digital India”. Such systems will allow every person who gets in touch with Parul University, to enhance their digital literacy and we wish to cultivate such a digital mindset within our students and all the other people who are in relation to the University on a day to day basis” said Dr. Devanshu Patel President Parul University.


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