Both facilities help passengers to move with ease

Member of Parliament Ranjan Bhatt inaugurated the Escalator and Ramp adding more amenities for the passengers at the Vadodara railway station. Before the inauguration a two minutes silence was observed in respect of the CRPF martyrs.

The Escalator at the entry gate of the station allows passengers to reach every platform. Built at 1.10crores the escalator has a capacity of carrying 9000 persons per hour at the speed of 0.5 meters per second.
Talking about the Safety features, Emergency stop button are accessible by passengers in case of any alarming situation. The button is situated one at the entrance and one each on left and right side near hand rail in middle area of escalator and one at the exit. Wrong entry alarm, dress guard, step up thrust protection, comb plate movement sensor and hand rail entry protection are the other features in the escalator.

The railways also input energy conservation system by automatic stop in absence of passengers and restart when passengers board the escalator.

The Ramp at PF 4/5 connecting Foot over bridge at Ahmedabad side of the station is helping the elderly, women and children to walk easily in between. Cost approx 1.08 crores the ramp will help the elderly, women and children facing difficulty to move at platforms. The Anti skid tiles, 1/12 slope and
Hand rail are some of the features includes in the ramp.

Looking to the difficulties faced by the elderly persons, women and children while using the Railway services, escalator and ramp is commissioned at Vadodara Railway Station. This escalator and ramp shall facilitate the inter platform transfer of elderly passengers, Divyangjan, women etc from the main entry to Vadodara Station to PF Nos. 2/3, 4/5 and 6.


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