National Safety Day 2021

Spreading positive message to the society

This year Vadodara witness a positive rise in adopting eco friendly initiatives by the mandals during Ganeshotsav. In a effort to save environment even schools of the city accept innovative ways in installing Ganesha with message loud and clear to the society.

Prince Ashokaraje Gaekwad School in Vadodara use the natural things to draw Ganesha inside their premises spreading the message especially to the students to implement the lesson in their daily lives. It took a full two days efforts by the students and teachers to draw Ganesha with the help of leaves, different types of grass, flower petals and other natural materials. The aim is to spread the message loud and clear to the society.

“The Ganesha is 150 feet in length and 75 feet in width made of Banana leaves, Ashoka tree leaves, Marigold and rose petals, different types of grass and other items to give it an all natural look. The message is loud and clear to stop using chemicals during the festival which is dangerous to the environment and the future generations. We kept it for next two days at the same place and then immerse it with our Ganpati installed inside the school. The natural ingredients will be reused as manure in our school,” said Ramesh Sharma Coordinator of the school.

The initiative is really appreciable by the school to inculcate the qualities in students for saving the environment.


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