Police took out procession of Aslam Bodiya in Vadodara


arrested on Sunday by the police

Raopura police on Monday took out the procession of dreaded criminal Aslam Bodiya in Navapura area. He is wanted in many offences like prohibition, gambling, extortion and others.

Vadodara police started this thing to help people get out from fearing dreaded criminals in the area. On Sunday night Raopura police caught notorious Aslam Haidarmiyan Shaikh alias Aslam Bodiya in inebriated state from Akota Bridge during night patrolling. He is known for spreading fear in the minds of people from his area.

On Monday the police took out his procession in his locality to remove fear from the minds of the people living there. The residents came out to see Aslam Bodiya walking with his head down and both hand tied and later appreciated the step of city police.

Recently Police took out processions of notorious land mafia Yusuf kadia and his associates followed by the procession of rickshaw drivers who beat son in law of Waghodiya MLA Madhu Shrivastav.


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