Will provide wide range of PU branded products and other various student utilities

Taking one more step towards innovation Parul University launched creatively designed merchandise and personalisation store on wheels. The new “I Love PU” merchandise brand delivers the fashionable brand on wheels to students who have been flaunting it inside the campus.

Hundreds of students from PU have been flaunting their fashionable University brand delivered to them on wheels through a highly innovative bus cum store. An old dilapidated bus, was resuscitated and renovated into a fully functioning students’ shopping store on wheels. The bus provides a fun, creative and convenient way for the members of PU to do their shopping anywhere throughout the PU campus. The design of the bus, was inspired by the creative works of Parul University’s students, serving as a testimony of its focus towards making students put their academics into practice.

The moving merchandise store was launched by Vadodara MP Ranjaben Bhatt. After the tour of well built interior and exterior, she commend the University for its efforts towards training students the vital importance of recycling and reusing old objects. The merchandise and personalisation store will be providing a wide range of PU branded products, ranging from, mugs, diaries, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, caps, and other various student utilities. The merchandise store will also go on to serve the purpose of imprinting within the students, lasting memories of their vibrant Parul University academic journey.

Featuring a highly innovative design, this merchandise bus is the brainchild of Sanket Patel a post graduate student from Parul Institute of Architecture and Research, who worked in consultation with the University experts, to make this project a reality. “Being a student, coming up with this design was mainly because of my desire to design a project that relates with other students, while at the same time providing me with the necessary practical training” said Sanket during the bus review.

“As a University, seeing our students playing an active role not only in academics, but in the creative development is by all means a matter of great pride. Our 125 acre campus is on its own a model society, therefore i believe just as we are teaching our students to take an active role in the society, the campus will be the best training ground for our students to begin. The merchandise and personalization store will also go a long way in getting our new students personally attached to the University, in the most fashionable way”  said the Vice President of Parul University, Dr Parul Patel.


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