Old pensioner reaching straight from hospital wait outside for hours to sign his pension documents


video went viral on social media

A video went viral on social media where a good samaritan tried to show the inhuman side of the bank officials. The  video showed a old pensioner reaching straight from the hospital bed to sign his pension but the official kept him waiting outside for hours.

The incident happened in the SBI branch near Lalbaug area where the pension of retired GEB engineer is deposited. For the last seven months the pension was not deposited in the account for some reason and the pensioner is running from pillar to post.

Meanwhile he was admitted in the hospital and the bank called him to sign the pension documents. He reached the bank in a auto rickshaw but as he was not able to walk the driver went inside the bank and request the official to come outside to sign the documents. But they denied and after repeated requests the officials didn’t came out for the signature.

Meanwhile a good samaritan and local social activist reached the spot and shot the whole thing in his mobile. He then viral the video on social media and also approached the bank officials. He said after repeated requests the official finally came out to take the sign and thumb impression of the pensioner.


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