Intention is to prepare chain of Emergency volunteers

Natural calamities, accidents never warn you before it strikes and destroyed human lives and properties. It is our responsibility to make ourselves ready to face every adverse situation staring at the face. The only thing is to act fast and save as many lives in the golden hour.

In every incident the first respondents are crucial to act fast before the professional teams like NDRF and fire brigade reach the spot to carry on the rescue. With such aim in mind the NDRF is assigned a task to prepare the army of emergency volunteers to help them in rescue efforts before they arrived on the scene. The 6 BN NDRF campus at Jarod  impart training to such volunteers to prepare them to extend their help in the hour of need.

NYKS ( Nehru Yuva Kendra Sansthan) volunteers are being trained by 6 Bn NDRF at its unit campus at jarod Vadodara for a week. The training will goes on for long where the volunteers from Gujarat and Rajasthan gets traning from the disaster force to act as emergency first respondents in the hour of need.

“The programme is launched by Ministry of Youth affairs with an intention to prepare a army of emergency volunteers responds in the time of any calamity. Intention behind this training programme is to prepare a chain of Emergency volunteers. The training is inagurated by R. S. Joon Commandant 6 BN NDRF and the first batch from Rajasthan will be given the training in Disaster management training. The 30 odd participants will be get the training in life saving skills, swimming skills and other important aspects from the team of instructors from the NDRF,” said R.K. Mishra Deputy Commandant and PRO 6 BN NDRF.

This training progm will continue till 2024 and every week the participants will change. After Rajasthan NYKS volunteers will be from Gujarat to get the training. Earlier the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) conduced traning camps for the police officers all across the country in association with NDMA related to radiological emergency. The aim is to make them prepared to handle such emergency as they are first one to respond to any calamity and accidents.



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