National Safety Day 2021

21 died during treatment

This time of the year is most dangerous and painful for the feather friends as the deadly kite strings put their lives in danger. This year also the statistics on the first day are shocking in Vadodara as till evening nearly 200 birds are hit and 21 of them died during treatment at rescue centres.

Since morning the people enjoy the kite flying as the wind also helps them this year. However the most prone are the birds as they tangled in the deadly strings whenever tried to spread their wings in the sky. This year the statistics are shocking as bird hits are reported more till evening.

The medical response centres put up by the Forest department received injured birds since morning and treat them without taking a break. Animal lovers, NGO’S took the birds to the centres for treatment and till evening the count touches around 200. Out of the them nearly 21 birds died due to fatal injuries due to deadly kite strings.

Animal activists also feel that the evening time is the most dangerous for the birds as they fly in the sky during this time of the day.

Talking about the statistics the centre at Range Forest office behind Kamatibaug received 56 pigeons, one parrot, one owl, two kites, two squirrels, Wild life rescue trust Gandhinagar Gruh received 29 pigeons, one owl, one duck, Ambalal park centre received 19 pigeons, two kites, one squirrel, V Care Vadodara centre for animal rescue and emergency  Chakli circle Race Course received 33 pigeons and seven puppies, Just Call Save Animal Harinagar Gotri received six pigeons and one kite, Wild Life Rescue trust ITI Gorwa received 10 pigeons, Manoj Nepali Subhanpura received 18 pigeons and one kite, Wildlife rescue trust Shreyas high school Manjalpur received 20 pigeons, Jai Humanity and Animal Foundation Tarsali received 12 pigeons,  Jai Durga Mitra Mandal Armour Gym Vadsar received six pigeons,  Jai Durga Mitra Mandal Shree Ambe Dairy farm Makarpura received six pigeons, Save Wildlife Royal Villa complex Makarpura received six pigeons, Wildlife rescue trust Kaladarshan crossing Waghodia road received 20 pigeons,  two hairen, one crow, Kalpana Wadhwana  Sushila Apartment Harni received six pigeons, GSPCA Atladara five pigeons, Wildlife rescue trust Karelibaug, Manjalpur and Dabhoi recieve two pigeons and one monkey and Jai Siyaram group Kamlanagar Ajwa road recieve 26 pigeons for treatment.


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