Said DG Sanjay Kumar on visit to 6 battalion Vadodara

Now NDRF will have women team in each battalion to assist in rescue operations and help the females rescuers to cope with the tragedy. The proposal is under consideration and work already began to form the all women team in every battalion all across the country.

NDRF the elite team to tackle the natural disasters and calamities is always look for uupgradation and technology advancements. With 12 battalions already in operation the NDRF proposed for four other teams in J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi NCR. Now they are in process to include all women team in each battalion all across the country.

“In our process of upgradation we now include women in the battalion to assist in rescue operations. We proposed one team in every battalion and they will help to handle the women survivors till the help reach to them,” said Sanjay Kumar DG NDRF on his visit to 6 Battalion in Vadodara near Jarod.

The facility in Jarod is expanding and the DG is on a visit to review the work related to construction and others. DG said the first phase is going on followed by the second phase which includes many things to transform the facility for their use. The challenges they face are water salinisation, water chanellisation, electric wiring which they are going to undertake in this phase of work. For others he talked about the technology upgradation and quick response centres to reach the spot in short time.

“In NDRF we are always looking for technology upgradation and equipments which is the need of hour. With every mission we face the challenges and upgrade ourselves. We are also proposed for new response centres which help our teams to reach the spot in quick time. Secondly we are identifying new disasters like lightening, drought, water borne diseases, epidemic for which the awareness is less in people, ” added Kumar.

NDRF also share their expertise with joint exercises with other countries to keep themselves ready for any disaster. Later in the year the team will take part in the joint exercise with the countries under Shanghai Corporative Organisation. “A joint exercise is proposed later in the year with the SCO countries which includes India, China, Pakistan and six Russian countries. The knowledge and expertise sharing is valuable for us to include the latest technologies in our rescue works to perform it more effectively,” said Kumar.


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