Five teams along with local fire fighting jawans rescued the trapped victims from the rubble

The National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF) teams used high-tech rescue equipments in the building collapse incident in Ahmedabad. Total five teams along with local fire fighting jawans rescued the trapped victims from inside the rubble. One person lost his life in the incident.

A three floor building collapsed in Odhav area of Ahmedabad last night killed one and five others were rescued by the teams of NDRF and fire fighting teams. NDRF used all cssr Collapsed Search Structure Rescue (CSSR) high value equipment in the rescue work. NDRF canine dogs  Rubina,Muli,Funny,Roza were used to search the deep traped victims.

Furthermore equipments like Victim locating camera, Sensor equipment for confined places and likely voids where chances of trapped victims are maximum were used by NDRF personnel.

“A 4 story building at Ahmedabad collapsed last night and 5 NDRF CSSR teams under over all supervision of Commandant R S Joon assign local officer N.K. Prasad to the site and occupied the collapsed site.  NDRF CSSR ( Collapsed Structure Search & Rescue) teams having high value equipments suitable for confined paced and voids being a maximum possibility of trapped victims .The building collapsed type was pancake pattern and NDRF canine teams are also used to trace the victims under huge debris and rubbles.It was a family of five members. Two children had minor injury during collapse of the building and were saved by civilians present there. NDRF used victim locating cameras,six sensor equipment in confined places to locate the victims,” said 6Bn NDRF PRO. R.K. Mishra, Deputy Commandant Vadodara.


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