A panel discussion on ‘Women’s Safety at Workplace was organized by Women’s Cell of Navrachana University under the aegis of International Women’s Week Celebrations. The eminent panelists were ACP Megha Tevar, Vadodara Police, Pooja Gupta – Founder PurpleDocs, Advocate Smita Nawathe  and Sonali Mungale – Director, Human Resources, MasterCard. 

The opening remarks by Dr. Nilay Yajnik, Provost of Navrachana University, emphasized on the importance of women’s safety in workplace and how it has become a concern. He said, “Educational institutions play a vital role in shaping the individuals and thus, these discussions throw light on how and where we can shape the youth.”

The key areas around which the discussion took place were, basic understanding of what behavior at work place falls under women’s safety concerns, various steps that can be taken by corporate to ensure women’s safety and various legal and police provisions in this respect were discussed.

The panel discussion concluded with the following aspects
• Equality among the employees by the employers, a zero tolerance policy should be maintained was put forward by Pooja Gupta.

• Sonali Mungale shared that comfortable environment for the employees is crucial for them  to be able to talk about the issues at workplace with the authorities and feel safe.

• ACP Megha Tevar threw light on three important points:  the Vishakha guidelines that makes sure the communication between the two people is done, 181 women helpline, Nirbhaya Abhyan which is a service given to the women to be able to report the crimes and get help immediately and importance of self defence. Role boudaries must be defined and understood by both men and women.

Smita Navathe gave insights on POSH Act that is for the betterment of women. Sensitization regarding safety of human beings begins from roots.

All panelists emphasized that respect should be for all irrespective of gender.


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