Spend time with sparrows installed more than 40 nests on World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day and with increasing urbanisation there is a serious need to save our jungles and the natural habitat of animals and birds. Ali Asgar Vohra a research scholar from Vadodara is trying his level best to atleast give the sparrows a home of their own in between the concrete jungles.

This year Eid is also celebrated along with the environment day and lots of programmes are happening in the city to create awareness in people. Ali and his wife take this opportunity to celebrate their festival in a unique way this year.

The couple Aliasgar and his wife Rukaiya Vohra celebrated Ramazan Eid in a Unique way. After early morning prayers both greet their relatives and then thought to spend time with Sparrows rather hanging out in threatre or malls. They installed more than 40 nest in Akota area where Ali’s school teacher Tazim Shaikh invite them to come to Haji Park in Akota area of Baroda.

Ali is working on the nesting, food and roosting sites in the city. He has a passion towards saving the sparrows from get extinct and working towards to save them in every possible way for the future generations. Since childhood he plays with them and the love for birds is such that Vohra celebrate his marriage in a unique way and distributed specially made sparrow houses and water bowls to the guests.

Ali along with his wife Rukaiya also celebrate the 70th Republic Day by distributed nest boxes and feeder plates for birds to the senior citizens and make sure the little birdie spread the wings more freely.



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