MSU Baroda has been awarded and recognised for it’s research work quality in a global platform name PROQUEST. The institute is awarded with highest download ETD across India on PQDT global platform

PROQUEST is a global platform where all the World’s famous Universities upload their Phd Thesis. These Thesis can be read and downloaded by  the researchers for their literature survey.

M.S.University  of Baroda has been part of the PQDT global platform. More than 3700 Thesis have been digitised on this platform and for downloading these Thesis globally receive Royalty.

MSU have been awarded and recognised  as the Institution with highest downloaded ETD across India. At India level, maximum  thesis work have been dowloaded from the PQDT. The award was given to the MSU at Delhi. It is also to mention that as per the terms of MoU, MSU has received $814 as Royalty for the year 2018 from PROQUEST.


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