Will attempt world record for covering 1000 case studies

Sometimes a true motivation bring wonders in someone’s troubled life. Be it a banker, a businessman or a farmer everyone needs a proper guidance to move forward in life and fight the odds.

‘Achieve What You Want’ is the flagship motivational program of celebrated trainer and speaker Bhavin Shah which put focus on the success stories of some of the best cases. To reach out to wider audience Bhavin pen down a book and put motivational stories inside for the reference of people.

“I had a severe stammering problem earlier in my life and it proves to be a big road block in my growth. However in one such programme a Indian Air Force officer inspired me to fight with the problem and that starts my career. After conquered my stammering issue I started to motivate others and since then I don’t look back,” said Shah.

At 28 Bhavin has 400 plus clients all across the world and he himself mentored 4500 people during the last eleven years of his career as a motivational speaker. Now he comes up with his book highlights the seven factors for success and also motivational stories for the readers.

“The book is clearly for those who wants to achieve in life. I highlights the seven factors which can lead the readers to the success they want to achieve. The book also highlights the success stories and case studies which became the source for inspiration for the others,” said Shah.

The first motivational programme will be on 24th November in Vadodara followed by two similar programmes in Vadodara and Ahmedabad in the month of December. Bhavin said they are also attempting a world record of covering 1000 case studies from December 2018 to 2019. All the case studies will be live and people can see and feel the outcome.



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