Mother Son duo perform Kiki stunt to spread awareness

National Safety Day 2021

Post video shot in very safe environment

A mother son duo in Vadodara took to social media about spreading the awareness regarding Kiki challenge which make people crazy all across the world. They posted a video where 55yr old mother dance outside the moving car but in reality it was shot in safe place just to spread awareness in people specially youngsters.

Thousands of social media users accept the viral KiKi challenge and put their life in danger performing the dance hopping out from a moving car and then back. Inspired by the latest song of Canadian rapper Drake the challenge is spreading like wild fire all across the world including India.

Keeping the life threatening stunt in mind the mother son duo in Vadodara performed the Kiki challenge to spread awareness in people specially youngsters. “Kiki challenge is a life threatening stunt but the people all across the world is going crazy about it. In order to spread awareness we perform the dance and upload it on social media. The car was not driven but hand pushed and I danced very safely outside in a protective environment. As comedy artists we share the video as fun element but with a message to the people,” said Rizwana Mir (Saiyed). Her son Aariz is a stand up comedian works with Comedy Factory.


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