Many rare breeds also on display

More then 150 dogs of 30 different breeds participate in the All Breeds Championship Dog show in Vadodara. Organised by The Gujarat Kennel Club the 38th and 39th dog show saw entries from all across the country with many rare breeds showcased by their owners.

This year the organisers put up a “Information Center” on Show Ground at SRP group 1 conducted in supervision of known Vet. Dr. Mrs. Angela Lobo. The centre givea the broad idea about Why we should keep Dog, How we select Breed and What care to be taken etc. to the new to be owners.

Dog Show is a sport wherein dog owners participate with their dogs. These are judged by eminent judges from the judges’ panel of the Kennel Club of India, Chennai. This Year Judges Javinder Singh Pawar from Banglore and Anjeli Vaid from New Delhi judged the pets.

Dog shows are held in order to educate the common man about different breeds of dogs and their specialties like why were they created for different needs of humans and the special care that should be given to different breeds in this country. It also educates how to go for scientific breeding based on true to the type and pure bloodlines. Further, it also brings awareness about the different kinds of training for dog like domestic, security, drug sniffers etc.


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