Unique initiative by Poetry Tales group

A unique event is shaping up in Vadodara where well known artists will perform on stage for the benefit of women. The event aims to raise funds for betterment of underprivileged women in Vadodara.

Organised by Poetry Tales the unique event named ‘Natt Paurush’ will feature eight renown artists from across the country perform on stage raising funds for women empowerment. This is probably one of its kind event where the males perform for women and help them to empower.

“Natt Paurush” is a small effort from us to work towards a noble cause to empower underpreviliged women. The idea to involve male artists is something unique and it is for a good cause to collect money for women. Artists like Durgesh Gangani, Anubrata Chatterjee, Abhishek Mallik, Shikhar Nad Qureshi, Bhupesh Gangani, Iyaz Khan and Sandeep Gangani will perform on stage and collect funds for the cause,” said Khushi Gangadia founder of Poetry Tales.

Poetry tales is a group run by Khushi Gangadia, Kruti Shastri, Neelam Mir and Shubham Verma aims to provide a platform to the young poets. Starting in 2016 Poetry tales now gives open platform to the young generation with an aim to carry forward their talents. Now the group comes up with the unique idea to host a show to collect funds for the women.

“The programme will have eight artists and is like a fusion shoe where we look at the traditional as well as the contemporary styles. The funds will be donated to the friends society working in the city for women welfare,” said Gangadia.

Senior artists like Jagdish Gangani also showed their happiness to associate with such a cause and appreciates the unique idea.


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