Locals protest against cremation of Covid 19 body in Vadodara


Ambulance left for other crematorium after the protest

Locals in Vadodara protesting against the cremation of a Covid 19 body late night on Tuesday. They demand repairing of gas funeral pyre and chimney before the cremation. With such protest the ambulance finally left the spot.

Vadodara administration has identified four crematoriums in Vadodara city having Gas funeral pyre to cremate the patients died of positive and suspicious Covid 19. Akota, Vasna, Gotri and Khaswadi crematoriums are identified by the VMC where the bodies are cremated as per Covid 19 guidelines.

However we see locals protest against the decision and not allowed the bodies to be cremated. In one such incident locals gathered outside the Vasna crematorium and stopped the ambulance with Covid 19 body from entering inside. They had heated arguments with the police and ambulance staff and not allowed to perform the last rites. 

The locals were heard saying to first repair the gas funeral pyre and chimney as the smoke entered their houses. The arguments ended in no result and the ambulance finally left the spot to other crematorium.


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