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Papad Cone Chaat Recipe

Add chopped veggies of your choice, along with chaat masala and enjoy

Papad Cone Chaat Recipe

Make this Papad Cone Chaat for evening tea time and enjoy them with a piping hot cup of chai. If you wish to try an off-beat recipe, then this fusion of papad and namkeen will definitely become your favourite.

Add chopped veggies of your choice, along with chaat masala and enjoy.

The prepared papad cones look super cute and are the perfect snack to be served at kitty parties and birthdays.


4 Servings

2 papad

1 cup namkeen

1 small onion

1 small tomato

4 tablespoon coriander leaves

2 tablespoon lemon juice

chaat masala as required

black salt as required

2 tablespoon boondi

2 green chilli


Step 1 / 4 Chop The Veggies

Firstly, chop the onion, tomato and green chillies into small pieces. Add them to a bowl.

Step 2 / 4 Prepare The Mixture

Now add namkeen mixture to it. You can use aloo bhujia, bombay mix, khatta meetha or any other namkeen of your choice. Add lemon juice, coriander leaves, black salt, chaat masala, boondi and mix well to prepare the stuffing.

Step 3 / 4 Roast The Papad

Cut papad into half and roast them on a non-stick tawa. Once cooked, fold each half into a cone and hold them for a few seconds so that they retain their shape.

Step 4 / 4 Fill And Serve

Fill the prepared stuffing into the cones and serve. Enjoy!

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