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Egg mayo sandwich- surely a time saver in the busy mornings.

This egg sandwich is a New Market–style grilled egg sandwich with a creamy filling of mayonnaise and soft-boiled eggs, and a buttery brown crust. It is an exceedingly easy and light snack, a special treat for egg-lovers.

Egg mayo sandwich- surely a time saver in the busy mornings.


• 4 slices bread

• 2 eggs

• 40 g mayonnaise

• 10 g onion (finely chopped)

• 10 g coriander leaves (finely chopped)

• 1 pinch salt

• 1 pinch black pepper

• butter (for grilling)

How to Make

1. Boil the eggs first. Boil for 5–7 minutes, depending on the size of the egg, to achieve soft-boiled eggs. Cook for 7–9 minutes if you prefer hard-boiled eggs.

2. Immerse them in cold water right away. This is especially crucial for soft-boiled eggs to avoid overcooking the yolks.

3. On each slice of bread, spread 10 g mayonnaise. Cut the boiled egg into small pieces and spread it on the bread.

4. Add salt and freshly crushed pepper.

5. Sprinkle chopped onions and coriander over the eggs. We don't want to overwhelm the eggs' flavour, so be careful not to overdo it.

6. Spread melted butter on the outside for a delicious golden crust.

7. Heat an iron skillet, often known as a tawa. Place the buttered side on the bottom. For even grilling, weigh down with another flat pan.

8. Remove the flat pan after a minute and butter the other side. Turn the sandwich over and grill for 1 minute on the other side.

9. Serve hot, with ketchup and green chilli sauce.

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