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Dal Tadka Recipe

Dal Tadka is a quick recipe too which can be made in a few minutes

Dal Tadka Recipe

One of the most popular dals in North Indian cuisine is Dal Tadka, which is prepared by adding a tadka on top of the dal.

It is an excellent choice when dining out, as this dal recipe fills your stomach very well and provides nourishment as well.

This is an all-time-favourite recipe for many and is very easy to make. If you're not in a mood to prepare an elaborate meal and want to keep it simple and healthy, then go for this easy dal recipe.

Apart from being easy-to-make, Dal Tadka is a quick recipe too which can be made in a few minutes. You can also pair it with chapatis or parathas.

If you like to make this recipe in an authentic way you can cook the entire dish using ghee instead of using oil.

This adds a wonderful flavour to your Dal Tadka. If you like the smokiness of garlic, you can dry fry some chopped garlic fry and add it to the recipe, garlic adds a nice piquant aroma and flavour to the dish.

You can make this for your family and friends at get-togethers and family functions. Serve the Dal Tadka with basmati rice garnished with fresh cilantro and lime wedges.

Pair it with raita or papad and relish its sumptuous flavours. In fact, you are planning to lose some kilos, you can relish this dal tadka as a wholesome meal, this high on protein recipe will make you feel satiated.

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