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A perfect green pair for your biryani, Cumber- Spinach Raita

A cool and refreshing Indian dip combining spinach and cumber with fresh yogurt

A perfect green pair for your biryani, Cumber- Spinach Raita

This raita bowl is a very refreshing yogurt based dish made with cucumber and spinach. It is a cool and refreshing yogurt-based Indian dip combining spiced spinach and cucumber with fresh yogurt. It's one of those raita recipes that everyone just devours until the whole bowl is cleaned out.

Spinach and cucumber with yogurt delivers quite a nutrious punch which is a wholesome vegetable dip recipe that pairs well with biryani, pulao or fried rice.


• 1 bowl curd

• 1/2 small onion

• 1/2 small cucumber

• 2 tbsp blanched spinach paste

• 1/2 Chopped onion

• to taste Ground cumin

• to taste Salt

• to taste Pepper


• Firstly, wash the spinach several times. Pick the leaves and discard the thick stems.

• Next, fill a pot halfway with water, add a pinch of salt, and bring to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes after adding the spinach leaves.

• Using a slotted spoon, remove the palak and dip it in cold water. Strain and set it aside. You'll get about ½ cup of boiling palak.

• In the bowl of thick fresh curd, add the chopped onions and cucumbers and give them a good mix.

• Then add the blanched spinach paste until all the ingredients combine.

• Last but not least, add the ground cumin, salt, and pepper according to your taste.

• Refrigerate spinach cucumber raita before serving. It tastes better the longer it's allowed to chill.

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