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5 Delicious Left-Over rice food items, that you must try at home

When the mid-week blues hit hard and you don't have the energy to juggle, all you can wish for is a warm plate of home-cooked mealwaiting for you

5 Delicious Left-Over rice food items, that you must try at home

Most of us are not that lucky and all that is waiting for us is leftover food from the same meal we had last, and that's not a very exciting site, to be honest. And as you slowly walk towards the kitchen and unwillingly warm-up the same old dal chawal, voila, you come across this article which has 5 recipes in it to make delicious meals out of leftover rice. From Zafrani pulao to curd rice, these meals will cut your cooking time by half because all you need is leftover rice and some basic ingredients.

1. Vegetable fried rice :

A very simple and easy recipe, which only requires a couple of chopped vegetables, leftover rice and you are done. Fry everything together and serve with a curry or chutney of your choice.

2. Curd rice :

This south Indian delicacy has been one of our favourite leftover rice meals for a long time. Easy to make, all it requires is curd, mustard seeds, curry leaves and some rice. The curd and curry leaf used in this help with gut problems and even keep you cool in those summer days, give it a try. You can add pomegranates, peanuts and coriander to enhance this simple curd rice

3. Vagherela Chawal:

A quick and easy Gujarati dish, this recipe tastes quite like the flavorful biryani, but with much less effort. Make this and serve it with raita or a curry of your choice.

4. Burnt garlic mushroom fried rice:

This Indo-Chinese rice dish is a sough-after in all restaurants, but you can make this easily in your home with just a few ingredients and some left-over rice. The flavours of garlic and mushroom make this a delicious dish

5. Zafrani pulao:

This creamy and rich Zafrani Pulao tastes so good that you won't believe it's made with leftover rice. Loaded on nuts, saffron, and rich whole spices, this sweet pulao will leave you wanting for more with every bite.

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