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Your easy guide to choosing the perfect saree design

The real essence of a saree comes out when you carry it in your own unique style. It's not necessary to drape or accessorize it in a set way.

Your easy guide to choosing the perfect saree design

The real essence of a saree comes out when you carry it in your own unique style. It's not necessary to drape or accessorize it in a set way. You can create your own exceptional sari design that stands apart from the crowd and pull off an uber-cool DIY yourself.

But wait, you don't have to wrack your brain when we've got you covered on that front! From a wide range of styles, ways and latest saree design ideas, we've curated a fresh new look book guide for you that'll help you ace that saree look.

Want to amp up your regular sari design? Well, say no more. Here are some super stylish sari designs that'll come handy the next time you wear a saree!

1. Around The Neck

A very hip trend, this sari design will bring out that boho-chic diva in you. Marking a trend in the draping styles, this around the neck design seems like a scarf wrapped around on top of your saree but is actually your pallu worn in very unique way.

This one's a modern take on our traditional wear and is a great amalgamation of a modern element. It looks great for a casual event or occasion and when paired up with appropriate accessories, it becomes a show stealer all the way.

2. Lehenga x Sari Design

A game changer in the world of sarees, this new saree designs all the rage at the moment. Clubbing the two most gorgeous ethnic wear combinations, the lehenga x sari design will make your traditional fusion wear dreams come true.

The lower half of the sari is worn as an elaborate lehenga while the upper half has the pallu pleated up tightly. This gives it a different glam vibe and sets you apart.

3. The Mermaid Cut

Making you feel like the Disney princess Ariel, this latest saree designs very glamourous and very you. If you want to say more with your saree without being too bold, this is one sari design you should definitely go for!

The mermaid cut blooms for the lower end of the saree, just like the tail of a mermaid, making your look stand out and be something different than your ordinary sari design.

4. Pant Style

This one changes your entire saree look into a different vibe altogether. It is like the best mix and match combination that clubs pants with your saree. It gives that regal, luxurious and modern vibe which is rare to carry with this saree style. Comfortable and convenient, this sari design is perfect for when you wish to ramp it up.

So folks, found your ideal sari design look? Well, you must try out all these sari designs for yourself and figure out which one speaks to you more and matches your personality in the best way possible. Whether you're someone who likes to go bold or the one who adores minimalism, there's something in store for everyone.

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