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Saree Ki Bari event at Vadodara on International Women's Day

Saree Ki Bari event at Vadodara on International Womens Day

It is often said that woman in Saree is the most beautiful as is the most graceful outfit in the whole world. But somehow in today's fast paced life the women's most beautiful jewellery is losing its place to modern outfits.

On International Women's Day Vadodara NGO 'Niswarth' organise a special event 'Saree Ki Bari' to celebrate the traditional Saree. Every month the women from every field will gather at one place wearing a Saree and try to bring back the culture.

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More than 70 ladies gathered at Sigdi restaurant in Vadodara and celebrate the day with the graceful Saree. The aim is to give a place to the graceful Saree in the present scenario where it is lost in today's hectic lifestyle.

"The members will wear Saree a day on different themes every month and discuss about Indian culture and also take part in other entertaining and educative programmes. Our NGO works at every level of the society specially for women and children. We work for their education, health and other related issues which we called service to the society, " said Ritu Bansal organiser of the event and President of NGO Niswarth.

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