Late marriage can lead to breast cancer – Padma Bhushan Dr. Suresh Advani


“Late marriage and age of first child can be one of the reasons of breast cancer,” says Padma Bhushan Dr Suresh Advani. He said the lifestyle, eating habits and less physical exercise also are the other factors lead to it.

At 73 Suresh H Advani is one of the senior most oncologists in India and pioneer in the field to save many lives. Speaking on the sidelines of the medical conference in Vadodara he says breast cancer is spreading and there are many reasons responsible for it.

“One of the leading causes is the lifestyle of women as compare to the rural areas. Women in cities are more likely to contract breast cancer due to their eating habits. The content of fast food is more that is not very nutritious and less physical activities like the women in rural areas where they walk kilometres every day to fetch water and continuously engaged in household works,” said Advani.

He also put focus on one of the reasons as late marriage and first child as the possible reason for contracting breast cancer. “Late marriage and first child can be one of the reason of breast cancers as we often see the age of marriage exceeds 31 in city areas comparing to rural where it is 20. The breast functioning is not normal and late and feeding is less,” said Advani.

Dr. Advani also put focus on the early detection of cancer which can cut the cost of treatment. “The doctor says early detection is best way to battle any cancer, and if women feel a lump of any kind in their breast, they should get a mamography done at the earliest possible time. They must get rid of the fear complex and now women are coming out specially in cities which help diagnose the cancer early,” added Advani.


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