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Sansad TV's YouTube account has been suspended, with the broadcaster claiming it's hacked by scammers

Sansad TV's YouTube account showed a 404 error, with a message that read: "This page isn't available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else"

Sansad TVs YouTube account has been suspended, with the broadcaster claiming its hacked by scammers

Sansad TV's YouTube account, which broadcasts live and recorded sessions of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, was "terminated" by the platform early Tuesday morning "for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines."

However, it was not immediately obvious which standards the YouTube channel had broken. So far, no comment has been received from Google, which controls YouTube.

According to a press release from Sansad TV, its channel was hacked by scammers, and YouTube is trying to resolve the security issue.

The YouTube account displayed a 404 error message in the morning, with the message "This website isn't available." Sorry for the inconvenience. "Try looking for something different."

YouTube's community guidelines spell out "what type of content isn't allowed" on the platform, and they apply to all types of content, including videos, comments on videos, links, and thumbnails.

According to the platform, these restrictions are enforced equally for all users by "combining human reviewers with machine learning."

The platform's community guidelines state, "Our regulations strive to make YouTube a safer community while still giving artists the ability to share a diverse range of experiences and opinions."

YouTube suspends the playback of a video or terminates an account for a variety of reasons, including spam and deceptive practises, sensitive content, fake engagement, child safety, impersonation, nudity and sexual content, suicide and self-injury, and vulgar language.

Sansad TV claims that a YouTube channel has been hacked by'scammers.'

Sansad TV said in a press release that its YouTube channel had been hacked as a result of "unauthorised activity by some scammers." The name of the channel was changed to "Ethereum," however the social media team of the channel later restored it.

YouTube is working on the security threat, according to the channel, and the problem will be remedied as soon as feasible.

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