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YouTube announces AI-Enabled editing products for video creators

22 Sep 2023 10:50 AM GMT
The app is currently in beta on Android in “select markets,” the company said, and will be free of charge

YouTube hikes prices for US premium subscribers for the first time

21 July 2023 7:11 AM GMT
The YouTube Premium plan would cost $13.99 a month in the U.S., up $2 from before, according to the company’s website on Thursday

YouTube: Now content creators will soon be able to dub videos in other languages for free

26 Jun 2023 5:56 AM GMT
Last year, Google introduced Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing product that can automatically transcribe a video and produce a dubbed version of the same

Spotify announces testing offline mix playlist, may compete with YouTube in coming days

11 Jun 2023 5:39 AM GMT
A screengrab shared alongside the tweet showed the test feature with a playlist worth multiple hours worth of music

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan pens first letter, to help creators make more money

2 March 2023 8:02 AM GMT
This year, Mohan said he will meet even more creators in person

YouTube introduces improved bot detection feature, to notify users posting Spam comments

14 Dec 2022 1:17 PM GMT
YouTube has, in an effort to improve spam and abuse detection on comments and live chat

YouTube to make educational content more accessible, interactive

10 Sep 2022 7:19 AM GMT
YouTube said it is also introducing Quizzes a new way for creators to help viewers test their knowledge

Fake anti-India content': 8 YouTube news channels with 114 cr viewership banned

18 Aug 2022 6:26 AM GMT
The channels were spreading misinformation regarding India’s national security, foreign relations and public order

YouTube to remove videos spreading abortion falsehoods

25 July 2022 5:35 AM GMT
The purge of misleading abortion videos will ramp up over the next few weeks, according to YouTube

YouTube India's 'Nice Resignation Letter' wins approval of Twitter users

25 Jun 2022 5:30 AM GMT
A tweet shared by the official account of YouTube India has gone viral

Meet Kartik Kumra, the young fashion designer who learnt designing from YouTube and books

10 May 2022 12:14 PM GMT
As a teenager, he used to resell clothes online which, over the years, fuelled his interest in fashion

Govt blocks 16 YouTube channels for anti-India content

26 April 2022 5:18 AM GMT
The blocked YouTube channels had a cumulative viewership over 68 crore