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Bhagwat Karad, a Union minister, saves a passenger's life in mid-flight.

On November 16, Bhagwat Karad, a cabinet minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet, saved the life of a fellow passenger by administering first aid on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

Bhagwat Karad, a Union minister, saves a passengers life in mid-flight.

Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad, Union Minister of State for Finance, received appreciation for offering basic medical help to a guy on an IndiGo flight. PM Narendra Modi responded to reports about Karad's activities in a tweet on Tuesday, "A doctor at heart, always! Great gesture by my colleague @DrBhagwatKarad."

Bhagwat Karad was flying from Delhi to Mumbai on IndiGo flight 6E 171. A passenger began complaining of unease around an hour after take-off. The cabin crew promptly requested a doctor aboard the aeroplane, and Bhagwat Karad, a physician by training, raced to help.

The union minister provided some basic medical treatment, as well as administering an injection from the plane's emergency bag.

Sources told India Today, "Once the passenger started complaining of giddiness and discomfort, Dr Karad left his seat and rushed to the passenger's aid. He eased the patient's discomfort by asking him to raise his feet and changing his position every minute."

After the procedure, the patient, who is believed to be in his forties, was said to feel better. The plane landed in Mumbai at 3:20 a.m. on Tuesday following a 45-minute journey, and the man was brought to a hospital for further treatment.

IndiGo Airlines expressed their gratitude for the union minister's support on Twitter. The airline said in a tweet, "Our heartfelt gratitude and sincere admiration to MoS for never failing to perform his obligations! Dr. Bhagwat Karad, your selfless assistance to a fellow traveller is quite remarkable."

Dr. Bhagwat Karad became Minister of State for Finance in Narendra Modi's government in July 2021. He is a Maharashtra Rajya Sabha member of Parliament.

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